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Jan 27, 2013 8:00am EST
will arrest with for a long time. >> can you address in the book, you say statistics for political chicanery, well, in two sentences i heard -- obama's campaign talked about how to use the internet, very successfully. but then there's the kind of lambasting obama, we're 10 times more likely to been food stamps and that sort of excuse is taking away from wal-mart's policy, for example, spent this not an explicit chapter that addresses statistics in politics. instead, you, just about every other chapter, the way the book is laid out, his our probability chapter two, chapter three, chapter three is -- every one of those potential abuses is something that tends to show up in politics. so i use a lot of economic data. of course, the presidential campaign and others are always trying to spin economics in a way that makes him look good. so sometimes there are those examples. there's a whole chapter on polling. and, of course, polling is the point of the realm what it comes to politics. there's a lot of discussion about if you've got bad data, it doesn't matter how big your sample is, the
Jan 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
western powers recognize its right to enrich uranium of international safeguards. president obama refuses to knowledge iran's right to enrich. this would require acknowledging the islamic republic as a legitimate political order representing legitimate national interests and is a rising regional power unwilling to support its power to washington as for example washington regularly expected of egypt under sadat and mubarak. the society hillary a nice day obama has done more damage even than george w. bush because he's discredited the idea by saying he tried but failed when in fact he has not serious are tried. [inaudible] >> yes, that's fine. no american president has been prepared to do this, to accept the islamic republic. and this is a key argument. this is the only diplomacy can succeed. there is an important precedent for this in modern american history. it's appropriate to call the cinema and month in which richard nixon come with birthday falls. nixon and kissinger's of maine to china. their great achievement was not that the type to beijing. the united states had been talki
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
to accept the people's republic of china as legitimate political order representing legitimate national interests that the united states for its own interest needed to come to terms with. that's what we need to do. with the islamic republic today. is obama going to be up to this in his second term? thank you very much. [applause] >> we've got about 20 minutes left. i just wanted to ask one question. you know, as i read through your book, one of the quotes you have in there, iran has never attacked another state or even threatened to attack one. i've got a little bit of experience. i was at west point on the 21st of january in 1981 when we had dinner with the hostages as they came back, and i think there'd be some argument along that regard. i spent two years in afghanistan in several of the operations we did we uncovered caches and weapons that were marked with iranian markings, and our assessment was that they'd come from iran. if you look at, um, you know, the 2006 israeli fight in lebanon, i think you would have some discussions there about iranian involvement in that operat
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am EST
: the inside story of how obama fought back against boehner, cantor and the tea party." is the showdown referring to any specific incident or just politics in general, mr. corn? >> guest: well, kind of both. the week is a we -- the book is a behind the scenes account of what happened in the white house after the november 2010 election when the republicans and the tea party really knocked barack obama for a loop and took control of the house. and then everything that happened after that. the tax cut deal, the big fights over the budget and the debt ceiling and deficit reduction, also the bin laden raid and what happened in egypt and libya. and so i'm looking at how obama made the decisions he made and took, why he took the actions he took in that very perilous time politically, but i also explain how this is all done in a way to set up the 2012 campaign that we just went through. he had a theory after he took that big hit in 2010, he had a theory that he could make the 2012 race a choice not just between him and mitt romney, but a choice between different ideologies, different a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4